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Campaigning for the Presidency in Spokane March 2016 Bernie Sanders & Bill Clinton

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Black Lens News April 2016 issue

Integrity is a Code Word

One of my Facebook friends said she is going to report this publisher of the Spokane African American Voice webpage to the police for harassment. I’ve never had an interaction with this person other than Facebook posts and comments that she’s made. Recently she’s been circulating petitions, organizing demonstrations, sits on panels, calls press conferences, speaks for the community and has been introduced as a community activist while commenting on the recent president of the Spokane NAACP. So don’t you think we can comment on her public appearances, her public comments and photograph her at her public demonstrations? I do.

Cat Fight A“Community Conversation: Moving Towards Healing”

Please accept this personal invitation to be part of the NAACP General Meeting on June 29, 2015, 7 pm at Holy Temple COGIC 806 W. Indiana Ave, Pastor Ezra D. Kinlow, host.

This conversation will be facilitated by the Washington State Commission on African American Affairs Sandy Williams.  We will set aside the business of the day as we endeavor to move toward healing, rebuilding trust and revitalizing relationships. Your presence will be an important part of helping us move forward. I hope to see you there.

— from the president of the Spokane Chapter of the NAACP


Spokane’s Loss: Rachel Dolezal

 Rachel Dolezal Did Not Lose, We Did

The resignation of Rachel Dolezal as President of the Spokane Chapter of the NAACP is a loss for the Spokane community, for the Black community, for the social justice community, for the NAACP.  See resignation letter

Now who won?

Don’t say no one! That’s EXPLETIVE DELETED! The same folks who always been winning! I’ve seen it happen for the 40 years that I’ve lived in Spokane – always with a scandal.

Historical Tshirt

Historical Spokane African American Voice T Shirt

A Safe Place for Trauma Survivors

Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 11.15.27 AM copyThere is a powerful reading by Nikki Patin 15 minutes into The MusicVox broadcast.

Surviving The Mic is a collaborative organization of survivors who are dedicated to creating a safe and affirming creative spaces for survivors of trauma (sexual trauma, racial trauma, violent trauma). Through their series of spoken word and performance-based events they seek to create a space for testimonies about sexual violence and to build skills to elevate those testimonials.

The goals of Surviving the Mic are:

  • to help survivor artists hone their creative voices in order to tell their stories in powerful, impactful and artistic ways
  • to create curricula and toolkits that can be used a model for other communities who’d like to make safe space
  • to support cultural, emotional, physical, mental and economic well-being for survivor artists through safe and affirming performances, workshops, publications and professional practice training and support
  • to provide opportunities for those who are not survivors to listen and learn from survivors

Click the link below to hear their conversation.

Surviving The Mic: Empowering Survivors of Trauma Through Performance-Based Events and Workshops

For more information on Surviving The Mic, visit them at


Machakos Governor Dr Alfred Mutua’s Big Break

Standard Digital November 29, 2013

Spokane graduate’s big breaks lead to large accomplishments

He grew up in Nairobi’s Kibera slums, living inside a Timber house. He dropped out of school in form two since his parents could not afford the fees. However, he was lucky as his pastor paid for his education. He later became Kenya’s first government spokesman and now has an ambitious dream for his county.
Dr. Alfred Mutua graduated from Whitworth University and attended Eastern Washington University. He was the editor of the Spokane African American Voice.

See video interview


What has Dr. Mutua’s big break lead to? He started by planting 5 acres of trees in Mahakos County, hiring local women to water them and donating property so the community could build a sub police station.

See what he is bringing to Machakos only 8 years later…..

Alfred Mutua Starts MachaWood

Spokane African American Voice’s editor and graduate of Whitworth and Eastern Washington University, Governor of Machakos County, Kenya, Dr. Alfred Mutua jump starts Entertainment Centre for Film, Media, Music and the Arts:   Full Story

The Magic Lantern Showing Leonid Bergoltsev Film

Directed by Ira Gardner

Sitting Between Two Chairs tells the story of world renowned Russian photojournalist Leonid Bergoltsev, who documented the Soviet Union during the height of the Cold War and is now living in America without possibility of returning to his homeland.  His work is often compared to Henri Cartier-Bresson, with whom he was acquainted, and he was published in Life Magazine in 1972 Mr. Bergoltsev offers testimony to the possibility that the photography of the Soviet Era  just might be more truthful than the imagery seen in contemporary American media.

He is a man stuck between two cultures who makes interesting comparisons between film and digital photography and Communism and Capitalism with wit, passion, and conviction.

Ira Gardner20111105_4458 as Smart Object-1

Ira Gardner

Dear Friends:

I have the honor of one of my video projects being shown at this year’s film festival at the Magic Lantern Theater on Sunday February 10th at 4:15pm. It is a short video about Leonid Bergoltsev who is a phenomenal photojournalist from Moscow who happens to live here in Spokane. I would love to have you all attend. The theater only holds 100 seats and there is only one showing planned so if you are interested in attending I highly recommend you go to this website and purchase a ticket asap.

Hope to see you there!


Congratulations to Granddaughter of Edward Thomas, Jr.

Spokane local grandpa’s granddaughter Rachae Thomas is seen in a national AT&T television commercial. She is following in Ed’s footsteps – he was seen in television commercials himself a few years ago – and on a billboard too!

Ms. Thomas projects a bright, fresh, positive and professional image.  See for yourself.


O.J. is innocent and I can prove it – William Dear

Edward Thomas Jr. Review

I thoroughly enjoyed the book, well put together, although and I agree with the proven ‘innocence’ of O.J. Simpson, I don’t agree with the “overlooked suspect” identified as Jason Simpson.

While I am not an investigator but when this trial started, I watched it from beginning to the end and found nothing presented by the prosecution that would link O.J. to these murders. However, being Black, the easy kill, (celebrity status disappeared) he was the perfect patsy.

My ‘suspects’ centered on the drug aspect which was ruled out in this book – in my opinion –  for a quest of climax.  In the book it was documented that Ron Goldman was a drug dealer and his roommate “had his throat cut” in what was being called a drug-related death.  Also Faye Resnick, another drug user that had introduced Nicole to its use with the thought of opening a restaurant with no money of her own but connected to drug dealers.  Yet, in this book, these individuals were summarily dismissed as a nexus leading up to these murders.

A key witness (a maid) at the trial (omitted in the book) stated that on the night of the murders, she saw a number of men dressed in black approaching in the alley. Suddenly, a discrepancy was discovered on her application for employment that caused a few extra dollars to come her way. Then as if by a puff of smoke, she was deported back to Latin America and never heard of again.

Then it was the ‘shoes’ – no shoes recovered no receipts of sale, etc., I was delighted with the investigation and exposure of the blood on the well placed socks by the ‘Katz and jammer’ (professional?) police. However, the thorough examination of the bloody socks turned out as it did at the trial to be ‘planted’ blood since it had a preservative (EDTA) from the vial of blood taken at the jail. In Spokane, WA, when Fuhrman wrote his book “Murder in Brentwood”, he was rewarded with a Radio Talk Show which folded after awhile for lack of talent.

This book even talked about the Las Vegas ‘setup’ arrest to ‘get’ Simpson for the murders that was supposed to have been done by him – well it worked and they jailed an innocent man that simply could not define ‘friend from foe – sad.
The LAPD embarrassed considers the case closed.

This was an interesting book but for the leap to conclusion in my opinion. It is too bad that our judicial system only concerns itself with sensationalism – not justice.

Edward Thomas, Jr

Jeff Mooring: Let’s Talk Chocolate Diamonds


Here’s hoping you have a great day. Thought I’d share this.

I’ve recently become aware of a high powered ad campaign by a decent sized jewelry company. They’re marketing something called chocolate diamonds. These are stones that were previously considered of no value because of their appearance. You hire the right agency to write the right copy and they come up with it.

Chocolate Diamonds   “they’re anything but vanilla”

 I’m more convinced than ever that my idea of selling dirt would work. How’s this?

         Save the earth, buy a bag.  ???? 

Great day to you. B N Touch.

Jeff  Mooring
Let’s Talk Spokane