Three guys – two brothers and a cousin –  a teacher, a cook and a bartender/restaurant manager – who loved food, both cooking and eating, one day had a great idea. Let’s go into business. Let’s pool our talents. Mobile Catering!

What should we serve? It’s got to be pretty hot and tasty. Where should it be located? Wherever there are people who want a fast, hot, tasty, nutritious meal. Let’s call it the PHAT TRUCK. That’s not FAT, that’s PHAT – Pretty Hot And Tasty!

We need to find a truck. We need a truck that is menu driven. We searched the Internet. We searched truck sales and manufacturers. We looked at 1000’s of trucks and truck designs. We found Rich Zeidman in Portland. We found the truck in a field up on West Plains. We took it to the body shop for repairs. We took it to Rich for design and outfitting. We searched for appliances and found Bargreen & Ellingson. We got a logo and Thomas at 3rd Eye Dezine designed our truck wrap. It was wrapped by Mountain Dog Sign Company.

We developed our menu and recipes. We searched for a butcher to provide fresh meat. We searched for a grocer for fresh produce. We interviewed suppliers and vendors and found SYSCO. We searched for a commercial kitchen.

We consulted with a host of professionals – lawyers (Gonzaga Law Legal Assistance), accountants, financial managers, equipment sales representatives, chefs, food distributors, engineers and the Board of Health. We visited food trucks in Spokane and 52 in one parking lot in Portland. We observed and surveyed the Northwest food truck and catering market. We gallery hopped. We food tasted at events and food fairs.

So we hit the road for our premier – 6 days at Pig Out in the Park – ready to serve you something Pretty Hot And Tasty from the PHAT Truck.


As President Obama said “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that.” ……. The point is, is that when we succeed, we succeed because of our individual initiative, but also because we do things together.

This quote is often misrepresented. See the full context . . . . . .

We want to thank some of those who made this business possible with their ideas, examples, expertise, encouragement, volunteerism, and positive thoughts.

Examples set by Tahireh and Kris Merkle and the Tah Cha Tea House in Atlanta, Monique Spence and Let’s Talk It Out, Yvor Stoakley, Karen Stoakley and The Pilates Experience.

Djuana Stoakley’s email about the Chicago food truck guy who used Kick Start to fund his startup.

Xcylur Stoakley offered business experience and expertise.

Henry & Meg Tuggle interviewed food trucks in the Oakland/San Francisco Bay Area and sent articles and information.

Spokane attorney Joe Wessman, accountant Dan Cummings, Bill Burke of Burke Marketing and Promotions, and local businesspeople Billie Moreland and Judy Hamel offered their advice and experience.

Local contributors and cheering section include The Blue Spark, Rose Crawford, Jay Cousins, Jeff Mooring, Leigh Ann Cooley, Angela Bukenya, Jerry & Diane Lloyd, Molly Lloyd, Sheena Birdtail and Pig Out volunteers Nicco Blye, Don Ferguson, Aida Sosa, Sheena Birdtail and Cat Mathis.



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