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  1. The site received an email from a Nigerian dancer:

    Re: African American Voice for Communication and Culture
    Lebee Dance lebeedance@yahoo.com
    Date: Mon, Jul 09, 2012 5:00 am
    To: “info@4comculture.com”
    Dear sir,

    I browse through your website today at African American Voice for Communication and Culture and I was able to to discovered that I could work with you in the Performance Art (Dance and Drum) and Acrobatic display.

    Let me intoduce my self to you, am Lebee Ojewoye, an African Bata Lebee performer. I have performed on stage in various cultural and traditional festival around the world such as England, Brazil, Europe and of the African country. Am from West African, Nigeria and I have a vast knowledge and talent in the world of Lebee Bata and Acrobatic performance. I have several works which you can peep though and examine to know the level of my experience. I performed at the Queen Elizabeth 50 Years Anniversary in 2002 as the first Nigeria cutural artist too perform in such occassion. I was able to perform in various cities of Europe such as London, Machester, Liverpool and Wales etc. I have been to South American in Brazil this year such as Sao Paolo, Bello Horizonti, Sao Luis and European country like Barcelona in Spain 2007.

    Am also a professional in the training and making of African Drum such as Dundun and Bata for cultural group and interested organisation and individual.

    I want to know how i can fit in your programme and how i can perform with your during your next stage cultural activities.

    Thank you for you time while we anticipate your quick response on this matter.

    Thank you.

    Lebee Ojewoye

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