Fifth Day of Kwanzaa

Nia – Purpose

The fifth of the Nguzo Saba or Seven Principles is purpose – to make our collective vocation the building and development of our community in order to restore our people to their traditional greatness.

Dr. Maulana Karenga

From the Official Kwanzaa Website – The Seven Principles

2 thoughts on “Fifth Day of Kwanzaa

  1. This is what many indigenous communities were like until we reached outside of ourselves for “so-called progress”, “so-called better life”, power, greed. a thirst for recognition and thought someone’s “ice was colder than ours”. We allowed so-called intelligence to dominate over Wisdom, but thanks to “progress” we now are becoming a global community moving toward more service, more cooperation and equity; breaking down the competition, greed and selfishness. Maybe this is the path we all had to go to get back to ourselves and community..The “Circle of Life”.. it rules us all……:0) And Nia meaning purpose means we all matter, we all have a purpose and contribution for the greater good.

  2. This is very powerful!
    I wonder if anyone can identify communities that have been successful at collectively achieving this. We can learn from them.
    In my culture-Buganda people belived in building a community together. I was born to a community not family. The community has equally the same responsiblity as my parents would. My education has been supported my the same, and my values reflect my representation of that community more than self. I don’t know if the culture has that order anymore, but many of us uphold.
    Let’s think seriously about how collectiveness can help us identify fair leadership, empower the youth and teach them responsibility for self and others, love for each other, and respect for our own communities.


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