Frank Ponikvar Passes

Frank Ponikvar 20160106
Artists Communication Pallet members will miss the daily posts of artist Frank Ponikvar of Spokane, Seattle, Hawaii and Montana, one of the founding members of 123 Arts, publisher of the Art Paper, who just passed away. He will be missed by family, friends, and many on Facebook. There will be a memorial service in Spokane in a month or so.

When we met for coffee each week we would discuss what we could do with our time in retirement besides creating more art and filling up our studios. We would put our ideas on the table. These ideas ranged from starting an art school with a different curriculum to developing a place where artists could hang out and drink coffee and maybe play cards. I was always pushing to get started trying one of the ideas and he would return to sipping coffee and say “What will be will be.” One of his dreams was returning to living on his boat.


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