Building A Movement

Spokane Washington

Summer 2017

Let’s Build a Grassroots Movement
If you are going to join or build a movement there are some things you may want to think about.

by Robert Lloyd

What are your values?  Why are you interested? Is your interest local, national, international? What are the methods you would use to gain your objectives? Will your demonstrations be nonviolent, involve civil disobedience, possibly be violent?
What tools might you use?

Actions: speech, writing, media, edutainment, training, education, demonstrations
Local publications: subscribe, donate, write letters to the editor, contribute articles
Politics: donate, organize, canvas, phone bank, register voters, vote
Run for office: school board, city council, mayor, county office, state office
Events: organize events, speak, provide entertainment, volunteer, attend

Who are the people and organizations who will be involved?
Will they be left of center politically? Name them.
Will they be in the center? Name them.
Will they be on the right? Name them.

What is the history of the people and organizations that you named? Do they have measurable results? Have they advanced or impeded the causes you believe in? What are your expectations of those with who you would like to be involved? What is their timetable for accomplishing their goals? Long range or short range?

Where do you think the money comes from that finances movements? Does it come from small donations, fundraisers, online fundraisers? Does it come from grants, from government, from nonprofit organizations? Does it come from large individual donors, big businesses and corporations?

Let’s be honest. Do you think of yourself as a leader or a follower? Have you ever managed a group of people? Are you more comfortable in a hierarchical structure? Do you want a voice and a vote in the policy of the organization? Do you prefer a decentralized organization?