Robert J Lloyd Sees Art

Cain & Todd Benson “create a love letter to Spokane” (Spokesman Review)

More Robert Lloyd images of the Benson Brothers Maple Street Art Project ……..

Jon Lepper and Tim Halloran See Artists in the Spokane Community

Creative Life Spokane was born out of our love of photography, the arts, and the wonders that creative people have brought into our lives and our community.

This web site is a central location where viewers can find out more about Spokane’s creative people and a showcase for our own creative endeavors in photography.

Our goal is to continually add to this web site as we meet new friends and creative individuals from our surrounding community. We spend approximately two to three hours with each of our subjects in their work environment talking about their process and thinking of ways to best photograph them. Dozens of photos are taken and processed although you only see a handful on the web site. We asked each participant to provide a short statement about his or her own creative process or some aspect of creativity. Whenever possible links are available so that you can find out more about the artists, crafts people, musicians, and performers.

We realize this is only a small portion of those individuals that should be recognized for their creativity and the cultural richness they bring to the Spokane community.

See the many artists at Creative Life Spokane


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