What Are You Doing?

Who Are You Doing It With?

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We’re talking about a revolution:
A revolution is a sudden radical change from the status quo. Here is an illustration. It is an abrupt change of the clock hand from 12 o’clock to 6 o’clock. Gradualism could be on the same course from 12 to 6 but moving very slowly through seconds and minutes. But if you spin the hand in either direction you could bypass your goals and end up right where you started, advancing no change.
The question is how do we move to our goals with a swift, direct, measured pace.

Can We Get Consensus On This

Organizations and community groups can share defined broad goals and objectives but tactics and leadership decisions should be based on their own agenda and left in the hands of the members of the specific organization, community or group.

The 14 Principles

  1. I believe in justice for all
  2. I believe in lifting up the disadvantaged
  3. I believe in dismantling unjust criminalization systems
  4. I believe in equal protection under the law
  5. I believe in ending poverty
  6. I believe in ending systematic racism
  7. I believe in ending the war economy
  8. I believe in ending ecological devastation
  9. I believe in building unity across lines of devision
  10. I believe in a moral negative that is concerned with how society treats the marginalized
  11. I believe in transforming the political, economic, add moral structures of our society
  12. I believe in working toward non-partisan goals
  13. I believe in sustained moral direct action
  14. I believe in nonviolence

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