What Are You Doing?

Who Are You Doing It With?

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We’re talking about a revolution:
A revolution is a sudden radical change from the status quo. Here is an illustration. It is an abrupt change of the clock hand from 12 o’clock to 6 o’clock. Gradualism could be on the same course from 12 to 6 but moving very slowly through seconds and minutes. But if you spin the hand in either direction you could bypass your goals and end up right where you started, advancing no change.
The question is how do we move to our goals with a swift, direct, measured pace.

Can We Get Consensus On This

Organizations and community groups can share defined broad goals and objectives but tactics and leadership decisions should be based on their own agenda and left in the hands of the members of the specific organization, community or group.

The 14 Principles

  1. I believe in justice for all
  2. I believe in lifting up the disadvantaged
  3. I believe in dismantling unjust criminalization systems
  4. I believe in equal protection under the law
  5. I believe in ending poverty
  6. I believe in ending systematic racism
  7. I believe in ending the war economy
  8. I believe in ending ecological devastation
  9. I believe in building unity across lines of devision
  10. I believe in a moral negative that is concerned with how society treats the marginalized
  11. I believe in transforming the political, economic, add moral structures of our society
  12. I believe in working toward non-partisan goals
  13. I believe in sustained moral direct action
  14. I believe in nonviolence

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198 Methods of Nonviolent Action

2017 Homeless Count

Homelessness is a national issue. This photo was taken in Washington DC September 2017.

This point-in-time count is a snapshot of people who are homeless in Spokane, counted by local teams on one night in January, a statistic that is limited by a variety of factors and not considered the complete picture. Because more homeless people were in shelters, and fewer were outside in hard-to-find places, it was easier to get a count, according to McCann and city officials. That might apply particularly to the chronically homeless, who are more likely to use emergency shelters.
In particular, the city’s super-tight rental market – with an estimated vacancy rate of 0.7 percent – makes it very hard for people to find affordable housing and pushes the homeless numbers upward. Nearly 500 people are qualified for federal housing vouchers but can’t find a place to use them in town, said Dawn Kinder, the director of the city’s Community, Housing and Human Services Department.
This year’s count showed:
1,090 homeless individuals, an 11 percent increase over last year. Eighty-seven percent of all people counted were in shelters. Around three-quarters of those were in emergency shelters, and one quarter were in transitional housing.

Need Help With A Database?

Is there anyone in my network that would like to help a great guy with an information technology degree that is looking for volunteer work or an internship that he could add to his resume? I thought it would be a great help to some community service organization, social justice campaign, maybe a political organization that is interested in grassroots community development. 
He has a BA in general information tech. It’s a broad based program that covers the basics of networking, database management, systems administration, and security. He is currently working on his CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) to focus on network administration.
Contact Bob L. of 4comculture.com at rdlloyd@comcast.net

Consensus On Values


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  “This” is our Values: Can We Get Consensus On This? We believe in justice for all * We believe in lifting up the disadvantaged * We believe in dismantling unjust criminalization systems * We believe in equal protection under … Continue reading

Speak Up For The Least Of Us

They rally, they’re marching, they’re resisting. Join them NOW! Trump may come for you tomorrow. Come have coffee with us and discuss future programs of action to build a community we want to live in. 10 am the First Thursday of each month at the East Central Community Center  500 S. Stone Street.