In Honor of Carl Maxey


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The mission of the Diversity Section of the Spokane County Bar Association is to promote diversity in the local legal community.

The Spokane County Bar Association Diversity Section is committed to promoting inclusiveness through ongoing efforts focusing on recruitment and retention of attorneys of color and diverse ethnic background. We are working within the Spokane legal community to increase diversity within the local bar association and judicial system. In collaboration with Gonzaga School of Law and other organizations, we are seeking ways to address the racial and ethnic disparities that currently exists.

With seed money donated from law firms and generated from our First Annual Diversity Luncheon, the Diversity Section established a Diversity Fund in honor of the late Carl Maxey, a Spokane lawyer and champion for civil rights. The Fund will be used to further the Section’s mission and may be available for scholarships.

If you are interested in pursuing a legal career in Spokane, and would like more information, please write us:

Spokane County Bar Association Diversity Section
1116 W. Broadway, 4th Floor Annex Spokane, WA 99260-0030





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3 thoughts on “In Honor of Carl Maxey

  1. I noticed a picture several months ago and feel I have no reason to think otherwise. A father remember for his law acheivements as well as black history. Thank you Gonzaga and the generous ability for the public to comment.

    Barb Glass

  2. Bevin doesn’t look very happy or maybe it’s just a bad day. There must have been other ways to post or tag a group picture.

  3. diversity fund in memory of carl maxey is a positave note. My cincerns is to much talked about Gonzaga. One would hope the stocktons are non-biased.


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