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How I See It : Charles Tuggle

Black Lives Matter

In elementary school when your skin is dark and your nose is broad and your hair is kinky, your peers don’t think your life matters. So you find sanctuary in the library. No one beats you up, no one calls you names, you read. And you discover how much there is that you don’t know and you can find it in a book. A teaching career, a military career, an artist’s career, medical technical career, African history, philosophy, literature, world travels. Information made his life matter. Charles made his life matter.
Charles Henri Tuggle, 80

Information Made His Life Matter

Charles is part of Hunters Point Shipyard Artists in San Francisco California. Examples of his work are available here.

A current exhibit of his work is available at the site of a group of 10 Black artists who are with Hunters Point Shipyard artists.
Black on Point

Two videos are available at his YouTube channel Charles H. Tuggle

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