Plants and Lovers

Plants and Lovers Exhibition by Robert J. Lloyd

Garden Party Oct 6 – 29, 2023 Wed – Sun 11 AM

107 S Madison St, Spokane, WA

Robert has always had an interest in social justice, community development and the visual arts. His explorations started with a Brownie Hawkeye camera through digital imaging and Artificial Intelligence Art. He has explored film sizes and materials, printing processes from the mimeograph machine through letter press, offset to inkjet. He’s explored imagery from illustration to the pictoral and the conceptual. This body of work explores Eros and was inspired by his wife’s love of the garden and the non-violent teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King and his sermon on love – AGAPE, EROS, PHILIA.

Eros is an aesthetic love of beautiful literature and art. It has also come to mean a romantic love that we experience when we find someone that is attractive and to whom we pour out all of our love.

First Friday Exhibitions by Robert Lloyd

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