Robert J. Lloyd, Photographer & Image Maker

Photo by Rick Singer

Artist’s Statement

First I discovered that they couldn’t see me. I wanted to lead them to what I saw. Then I discovered that when they took the pictures they still couldn’t see me. I thought that if I took the pictures, I could show them what I saw. Then they would make the changes that would improve things. But they still didn’t make the changes so I assumed they still could not see what I saw. I brought them images from others who were able to see. Through the arts I explored what people see and don’t see, and why. Through teaching I hoped to teach students to see. Now I am visiting other cultures to see what I see.



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2 thoughts on “Robert J. Lloyd, Photographer & Image Maker

  1. Robert, how are you doing? I think of you occasionally. I think the last time I saw you was when my Great Aunt was having a knee replacement in Sacred Heart Hospital or at the grocery store on the South Hill. Hoping that you are well and all. I would still like to do ART, but don’t know that I could teach it though. I remember you and Ruben Trejo the most from my college days. Reach out to me if you would like. .


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