All The King’s Men

Real Soldiers of the Movement

When we remember Dr. King and The Dream, we need to also remember the foot soldiers in the Civil Rights Movement – those who organized the marches and the rallies, those who knocked on the doors, those who taught the workshops on non-violence, those who rode the Freedom Buses, those who were beaten and filled the jails, those who wrote, sang and taught the freedom songs. These men and women provided the momentum of the movement and carried on after Dr. King’s death.

The list below is incomplete. If you would like to add someone’s story to the list contact us at


 All the King’s Men

Ralph Abernathy

James Bevel

Charles Billups

Dorothy Cotton

Clarence B Jones

Jesse Jackson

Bernard Lafayette

Bernard Lee

John Lewis

Joseph Echols Lowery

James Orange

Albert Sampson

Patricia Stephens Due

Fred Shuttlesworth

C. T. Vivian

Hosea Williams

Andrew Young

SCLC Chicago Field Staff – 1965

Lynn Adler

Luis Andrades

Charles Billups

Julian Brown

Jimmy Collier

Mary Lou Finley

Ann Gillie

Suzi Hill

William Hollins

Eric Kindberg

Claudia King

Sherri Land

Charles Love

Bennie Luchion

LaMar McCoy

Felix Valluena

Jimmy Wilson

Maurice Woodard

Dorothy Wright Tillman


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