Why Black Art for Your Home

Why Black Art for Your Home

By Robert Lloyd

The importance of African Americans displaying art by and about their culture in their homes is paramount for providing identity to their children, as well as educating them on the history and heritage of the African diaspora. Hanging artwork that reflects a positive image of blackness can help foster self-esteem in children who may otherwise feel disconnected from or misrepresented by mainstream media. Additionally, it provides an opportunity for parents to teach lessons about resilience, pride and perseverance in times when many communities are facing adversity due to systemic racism.

For generations prior to us, our ancestors have been denied access into museums or galleries where they could learn more about our cultural roots; however today we have access through technology which has opened up new avenues for exploration without leaving home. By hanging artwork that celebrates various aspects of black life such as music, dance and fashion within one’s own home gives families a chance explore these topics together while also instilling values like respect for diversity within younger generations. Furthermore this helps create conversations around race relations with family members who might not understand why certain issues are important but can be exposed through visual representation.

In conclusion, hanging artworks created by African American artists on walls at home allows individuals from all backgrounds including those from minority groups, to gain insight into what makes up a unique culture. It serves both educational purposes – teaching people how different cultures interact-and personal ones – helping build self esteem among young people whose identities may be underrepresented elsewhere. Through this practice we will continue celebrating Black excellence while inspiring others towards greatness regardless of skin color.


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