Vote! 17 Days


Didn’t live to vote! He was only 17 years old.

You got a lot more. “You Can Vote” If You Are 18 Or Older

About the only thing that everyone agrees on is what Trayvon Martin was carrying when he died. There were his clothes, including a black hooded top with a badge pinned to it showing a picture of his dead cousin. There was his cellphone, on which he had been talking to a friend. In his pockets were a cigarette lighter, some earphones, a can of Arizona watermelon fruit juice cocktail, a little over US$40 in cash, a bag of Skittles he had just bought from a nearby 7-Eleven, and no weapon of any kind.

Whether or not you believe George Zimmerman, the neighbourhood-watch co-ordinator who says he shot Martin in self-defence, these do not sound like instruments of burglary. Indeed, the Skittles especially, with their bright playground colours and “Taste the Rainbow” slogan, have become a symbol of Martin’s innocence. He may have been suspended from school at the time, and had traces of cannabis in his blood, but when you look behind the appearance of a menacing black teenager, those Skittles say, you find the child inside.


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