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State Gang Prevention & Intervention Grant – Request for Proposals

The RFP will be release Friday morning, May 25th.

Governor Gregoire signed the 2012 Supplemental State Operating budget which includes a proviso for the State Gang Prevention & Intervention Grant Program.  As a result, the Washington State Partnership Council on Juvenile Justice (WA-PCJJ), Office of Juvenile Justice, DSHS will be releasing a Request for Proposals (RFP).

Funds will be used to offer services to prevent the expansion of criminal street gang membership or support criminal street gang membership intervention to a targeted population through:

·        one or more evidence-based or research-based programs, as defined in RCW 71.36.010

·        The use of one or more innovative culturally relevant practices.

·        Release RFP by May 21, 2012

·        Applications due June 29, 2012

·        Recipients selected by July 13, 2012

·        Contracts begin August 1, 2012 for an 11 month period.

Eligible entities:  Coalitions composed of, at a minimum, one or more local governmental entities and one or more nonprofit, nongovernmental organizations that have a documented history of creating and administering effective criminal street gang prevention and intervention programs may apply for funding.

 WA-PCJJ anticipates funding 2-4 projects: the maximum award amount is $105,000.

Applications must demonstrate
a significant criminal street gang problem exists in the jurisdiction or jurisdictions.  Factors that may be considered in determining whether a significant criminal street gang problem exists include, but are not limited to:
·        Crime statistics that are coded as gang-related

·        Gang-related incidents-  including graffiti and gang-related criminal activity

·        Offenders residing in a jurisdiction that are under supervision of the department of corrections or DSHS and are known active gang members

·        School or community surveys indicative a substantial level of gang activity in schools or the community

·        Previous or ongoing gang intervention activities in the jurisdiction

Applicants must demonstrate that addressing the impact of criminal street gangs is a high priority in the jurisdiction seeking the grant.

Lisa Wolph
Disproportionate Minority Contact (DMC) Coordinator
Washington State Partnership Council on Juvenile Justice
Office of Juvenile Justice
Department of Social & Health Services
Fax: 360-902-7527
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“Morris, Pamela (CAA)”


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