Chocolate Diamonds?

Word of Caution:

It’s all about the power to define. If you have big bucks, a large military, access to social networking (e.g. the Arab Spring) then you have the power to define.

What if you had the trademark on the name Trayvon? What if you owned stock in Skittles in January? What if you manufactured and sold your own hoodies? What if you had the patent on saggin’? Check out what vanilla corporations have done with chocolate diamonds. I’d suggest you get a voter registration card and develop entrepreneurial zeal.  

Robert Lloyd

Let’s Talk chocolate diamonds – see Jeff Mooring’s post.


From Jewlery

Scope the Diamonds before you buy them!
Just because they are Brown, doesn’t mean Clarity shouldn’t count! Scope the Chocolate Diamonds and look at the Flaws. You don’t want to buy Diamonds full of Black Spots, Clouds or ugly Inclusions. Since the Diamonds are Brown you don’t need to bother with the Color Grade. (It won’t have any – other than being called Brown!) Color is all about Preference and Opinion. You either like it or you don’t. But Clarity should be judged and graded just like White Diamonds are. (Even though it will be harder to see the Inclusions because of the Brown color, still do it!) I would recommend stones that are at least eye-clean. (Where you see no Inclusions with the naked eye!) That way your Diamonds will have lots of life and sparkle no matter what the color is.

All in all, there is nothing wrong with Chocolate Diamonds. Even though I think they are low color, I still like them. I also like Black Diamonds and all the fun Colors! Variety is good. Unusual different pieces are sure to attract attention. Are Chocolate Diamonds right for you? Lots of Women like Earth-Tones and will certainly love them. Others will just think they’re Dinosaur Doo-Doo!

Me, I think they’re interesting, trendy, fun, fat-free and cheap. Gotta love that! If you like Brown, go for it! Enjoy!  With a name like Chocolate, what have you got to lose?

What Are Chocolate Diamonds?

Brown diamonds are one of many types of colored diamonds. Other colored diamonds, also called “fancy diamonds,” include pink, yellow, blue, green, purple, black, red and orange. Some brown diamonds can be referred to as chocolate diamonds, based on the intensity of their colour. Although colored diamonds were once considered undesirable, they have become very popular amongst those looking for an alternative to conventional white diamonds.

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