Jeff Mooring: Let’s Talk Chocolate Diamonds


Here’s hoping you have a great day. Thought I’d share this.

I’ve recently become aware of a high powered ad campaign by a decent sized jewelry company. They’re marketing something called chocolate diamonds. These are stones that were previously considered of no value because of their appearance. You hire the right agency to write the right copy and they come up with it.

Chocolate Diamonds   “they’re anything but vanilla”

 I’m more convinced than ever that my idea of selling dirt would work. How’s this?

         Save the earth, buy a bag.  ???? 

Great day to you. B N Touch.

Jeff  Mooring
Let’s Talk Spokane



One thought on “Jeff Mooring: Let’s Talk Chocolate Diamonds

  1. Word of Caution:
    It’s all about the power to define. If you have big bucks, a large military, access to social networking (e.g. the Arab Spring) then you have the power to define.
    What if you had the trademark on the name Trayvon? What if you owned stock in Skittles in January? What if you manufactured and sold your own hoodies? What if you had the patent on saggin’? Check out what vanilla corporations have done with chocolate diamonds. I’d suggest you get a voter registration card and develop entrepreneurial zeal.


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