O.J. is innocent and I can prove it – William Dear

Edward Thomas Jr. Review

I thoroughly enjoyed the book, well put together, although and I agree with the proven ‘innocence’ of O.J. Simpson, I don’t agree with the “overlooked suspect” identified as Jason Simpson.

While I am not an investigator but when this trial started, I watched it from beginning to the end and found nothing presented by the prosecution that would link O.J. to these murders. However, being Black, the easy kill, (celebrity status disappeared) he was the perfect patsy.

My ‘suspects’ centered on the drug aspect which was ruled out in this book – in my opinion –  for a quest of climax.  In the book it was documented that Ron Goldman was a drug dealer and his roommate “had his throat cut” in what was being called a drug-related death.  Also Faye Resnick, another drug user that had introduced Nicole to its use with the thought of opening a restaurant with no money of her own but connected to drug dealers.  Yet, in this book, these individuals were summarily dismissed as a nexus leading up to these murders.

A key witness (a maid) at the trial (omitted in the book) stated that on the night of the murders, she saw a number of men dressed in black approaching in the alley. Suddenly, a discrepancy was discovered on her application for employment that caused a few extra dollars to come her way. Then as if by a puff of smoke, she was deported back to Latin America and never heard of again.

Then it was the ‘shoes’ – no shoes recovered no receipts of sale, etc., I was delighted with the investigation and exposure of the blood on the well placed socks by the ‘Katz and jammer’ (professional?) police. However, the thorough examination of the bloody socks turned out as it did at the trial to be ‘planted’ blood since it had a preservative (EDTA) from the vial of blood taken at the jail. In Spokane, WA, when Fuhrman wrote his book “Murder in Brentwood”, he was rewarded with a Radio Talk Show which folded after awhile for lack of talent.

This book even talked about the Las Vegas ‘setup’ arrest to ‘get’ Simpson for the murders that was supposed to have been done by him – well it worked and they jailed an innocent man that simply could not define ‘friend from foe – sad.
The LAPD embarrassed considers the case closed.

This was an interesting book but for the leap to conclusion in my opinion. It is too bad that our judicial system only concerns itself with sensationalism – not justice.

Edward Thomas, Jr

One thought on “O.J. is innocent and I can prove it – William Dear

  1. Ditto Edward, Jr. ditto…our American judicial system must do better on so many levels. We can not put people to death because our BLIND (joke) judicial system which is suppose to be innocent until proven guilty is so messed up and it is in all honest guilty until prove you did not do it. The American Judicial System and System of Inprisonment of Innocent African-Americans Must Stop…


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