City of Spokane Meets Mobile Food Vendors

There is a growing Community Culture of mobile food vendors. They are small business entrepreneurs serving our community in a variety of festivities and life-celebrating events. We at will support you as you develop your business and association with each other.

Bob Lloyd

Mobile Food Vendor Meeting at Spokane Public Library Tuesday April 23, 2013

Mobile food Vendor Project 1

Mobile food Vendor Project 2

City Planners and Mobile Food Vendors Met

85 licensed mobile food units were invited by e-mail to an Open House.

20 vendors werre interviewed prior to the meeting.  If you have additional questions regarding the draft plan please contact Andrew Worlock (509) 625-6991 or e-mail

20120911_0990Please read the WHITE PAPER Mobile Food Vendors at this link.

With proper design and management, mobile food vending can be a great way to add vitality to the street, encourage walking, and promote local economic development.

In response to increasing local interest in mobile food carts and food trucks as a business opportunity, the City’s Planning and Development Services Department is leading an effort to research, evaluate and develop a system to better support and provide regulations for mobile food vendors on public rights of way and as a transitory use on private parcels.

The open house was for the purpose of discussing ideas and generating comments on possible changes to City code that could create a more consistent, predictable and stream‐lined system for the local mobile food vendor industry.

For more information read the following documents prepared by the Spokane City Planning and Development Services Department.  If you wish to give the city feedback do so as soon as possible as decisions are being made now.

About the Mobile Food Vendor Project

Food For Thought: Questions to think about in regards to comments on the proposed Mobile Food Vendor Project

Mobile Food Vendor Project: Framework being considered for new regulations

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