Chip Thomas Photographer: Exhibit SFCC Oct 27 – Nov 21

chip thomas 20141027_5248A



Spokane Falls Community College Fine Arts Gallery Bldg 6 3410 W Ft George Wright Dr. Gallery Hours: Mon – Fri 8:30 am – 3:30 pm

James “Chip” Thomas moved to the Navajo nation in 1987 to work as an Indian Health Services Physician, where he continues to work and live. During this time he taught himself black and white photography and has been documenting the people of the Navajo nation ever since. Chip has always been interested in street art, graffiti and guerrilla art tactics and taken part in the practice of billboard corrections. Influenced by urban graffiti artists of American cities and street artists in Brazil, Thomas, a.k.a. Jetsonorama, creates his own version of activist art on the Navajo Reservation.  Full article and photographs



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