Spokane Solidarity with Ferguson MO

After the unjust decision by the grand jury, newly elected Spokane NAACP President Rachel Dolezal called for a solidarity rally at City Hall and a march through the downtown business district. Guesstimates of participants ran from 100 to 280. The City Hall Plaza was closed. Demonstrators gathered on the corner in front of the City Hall building. Young African American men lay down on the ground symbolically representing the corpses of Black youth in America’s streets.  The group was largely made up of college students including African Americans, Mecha members, Asian and white students. Members of the Spokane Socialist Alternative were represented, as was PJALS and GBLT.  Absent Without Leave were the usual participants in Martin Luther King Day march – politicians, preachers and institutional representatives. And maybe that was a good thing. With new leadership coming from a younger generation grassroots organizing may begin.

Add your comments and let us know where Spokane should go from here.

20141125_5907Add your comments and let us know where Spokane should go from here.

One thought on “Spokane Solidarity with Ferguson MO

  1. I believe it will be helpful to have young people especially those who are bkack initiate educative sessions with service people such as police. It coukd be monthly or quarterly. Pro bono service as a start as we raise funds to pay for the time in the future. We might have to share the differences in cultures with each other. The law versus civilians. The more interaction between “they”and “us” the better the community will embrace each other.


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