Last Night’s Spokane NAACP Meeting 7/18/2016

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How I Saw It

  • New President Phillip Tyler
  • 80 In Attendance
  • 15 Spokane Policemen
  • 12 African Americans
  • 2 Politicians
  • 68 White People

Conspicuous Absence of Past Participants (Old Guard)

I don’t know if it is a good thing or a bad thing, did 68 get religion? Did Spokane Police come because they wanted to return the favor of NAACP commitment to Blue Lives Matter? Was the old guard away at the national NAACP Convention? Was it because  of the constant turnover in NAACP presidents – 4 in less than two years?

President Tyler asked the whites in the room how many would change places with African Americans. No one in the room spoke up. I asked how many have broken bread with an African American in their home. Three or four raised their hands. I asked how many had had coffee with African Americans. Maybe 15 raised their hands. Most of them were Spokane policemen. But when I said I was not talking about in the coffee room on the job most of them laughed and put down their hands.

I would like to relieve the burden of the African Americans and true believers that have spent their lives educating white people and pass this burden on to the larger group of white people who by their presence seem to indicate concern:

White Nonsense Roundup  Facebook Page



2 thoughts on “Last Night’s Spokane NAACP Meeting 7/18/2016

  1. We have come a long way during my lifetime but we have a great distance left. I have fought both on the lines as a youth and in the workplace as an adult and will continue to do so until I take my last breath.


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