Spokane Vigil Had Three Parts

How I See It by Bob Lloyd

July 9, 2016 Spokane County Court House

Part one was Black Lives Matter / All Lives Matter.

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Part two was Police Lives Matter.

P1020885_2Part three was Spokane showed how to handle a person when he tries to disrupt your non-violent protest/vigil/rally.

20160709 WhoKnowsFLAT-1Don’t let anyone hijack your non-violent protest.

2 thoughts on “Spokane Vigil Had Three Parts

  1. However my personal opinion was that it would have been nice to focus on black lives. I don’t go to a cancer fund raiser and talk about curing aids. So often we focus on doing so many things at once, this often allows us to loose focus. It’s true police lives matter but this was a focus on black lives..or so I thought.


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