Today Spokane : Vigil because BLACK LIVES MATTER.

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Date: July 8, 2016 at 8:58:24 PM PDT
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Subject: Spokane Vigil in Response to this Weeks Shootings – Tomorrow, Saturday 7/9 at Noon
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Hello Everyone,
This information has been posted on Facebook, but I wanted to make sure that as many as possible hear about it.

A Spokane Vigil because BLACK LIVES MATTER.

Saturday, July 9, 2016, from 12:00 – 1:00 PM

Spokane County Courthouse – Downtown Spokane (Broadway and Monroe)

Join the NAACP, YWCA, Musicians Union, Peace & Justice Action League of Spokane, Sierra Club, Center for Justice, Greater Spokane Progress, Spokane Socialist Alternative, other community organizations and PEOPLE LIKE YOU!

We are coming together for this vigil to share our grief and anger about the deaths of Alton Sterling of Louisiana and Philondo Castile of Minnesota at the hands of police, as well as the deaths of five police officers in Dallas, and to demonstrate our commitment to acting together to expose and transform a racist criminal justice system.

You are invited to bring your families and friends to be part of this a powerful coming together to demonstrate our shared grief, anger, and deep valuing of Black Lives!!!! and to give folks in our communities a chance to connect with each other as well as to learn how THEY can be part of campaigns like the local police accountability & oversight organizing, the statewide John T. Williams Initiative 873 to change WA’s deadly force law, efforts to end the school-to-prison pipeline, AND MORE.

Let us mourn together and ORGANIZE together, bringing people together around shared needs & values, with ways to experience and assert OUR OWN SHARED POWER, and push to change policies while changing the balance of power in our communities and society.

Sandy Williams
Eastern Washington Representative
Washington State Commission on African American Affairs

Mission: To improve the well-being of African Americans by ensuring their access to participation in the fields of government, business, education, health care, and other areas.

Sandy Williams
Commissioner – Eastern Washington Representative
Washington State Commission on African American Affairs

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