Spokane NAACP Spells Out Mission

In the January 2017 issue of the Black Lens News Spokane NAACP Secretary Deborah Rose describes how the organizations goals are chosen and that they are “designed to help create a community where all people of all colors feel safe and thrive. Our primary focus is the African American community.”

She goes on to describe the many phone calls and emails the organization receives from individuals with specific problems and concerns that they feel are not being addressed. After explaining that they are “a referral agency only” she outlines the steps taken to listen to the complainants and connect them with the appropriate agency or resource: “People with complaints must first do the following – write down a clear, objective description of the incident  including names, places, dates, times. A copy of the Spokane NAACP complaint form is available on our website at spokanenaacp.com, and serves as a template to compile the necessary information. A completed copy of the form must be sent to our office, where we review for clarity, patterns and solutions. We can then refer the complainant to the appropriate resource.” At the end of the article are links to the most frequently used agency complaint forms.

Spokane City Police Department Complaint – (be sure you get the name of the officer at the time of the incident) https://static.spokanecity.org/documents/police/accountability/citizen-complaint-form.pdf.

Spokane County Sheriff ’s Department Complaint – (be sure you get the name of the officer at the time of the incident) www.spokanecounty.org/DocumentCenter/View/3955.
Washington State Human Rights Commission (for unfair work termination or housing issues) http://www.hum.wa.gov/discrimination-complaint?page_name=complaintProcess




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