An African American Walks

37 years ago you might see an African American downtown every month or so. You would give the Black power salute and say “What’s up brother?” Since then the African American population in Spokane has increased. Now you might see an African American downtown once a week but you will never see an African American on a walk through the neighborhoods. It did not encourage me to go for a walk. But since I have been diagnosed with diabetes, wife, doctors and friends have suggested that I walk. Then one day in January 2012 my friend Robert, an African American, asked me if I would accompany him on one of his daily walks.

Throughout the year I will be photographing, observing and commenting on these experiences.

Two Robert’s Walk

Bob and Jay’s Cannon / Manito Walk

Bob, Diane and Jay’s Ben Burr Walk

Bob and John’s Fish Lake Walk

Bob and Diane’s Rockwood Walk

Let’s Walk: Great Places To Walk

Do African Americans in Spokane walk? If so, where? I would like to take your walk and post the photographs here.

Trayvon went for a walk……..


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