Bob and Jay’s Walk

Jay, a friend and photographer, asked if we could walk together some time. In early March my Euro-American friend and I walked the Manito Park – Cannon Hill Park Loop. It was a mild between seasons sort of day. The duck pond at Manito Park was still frozen but very little snow. The Cannon Hill pond was not frozen but no new greenery was yet to be seen. The Japanese Garden was still closed for the winter. We saw many joggers, dog walkers, family groups, and bicyclists enjoying the day. Everyone was smiling and welcoming, but Bob was the only African American to be seen.

See more in the series An African American Walks.

Do African Americans in Spokane walk? If so, where? I would like to take your walk and post the photographs here.

3 thoughts on “Bob and Jay’s Walk

  1. In the moment BEAUTY … THANKS for sharing! Music?
    David Parker

    Good morning, Bob…with sunshine outside my office window I enjoyed taking the virtual walk with you. The tone was post-winter…perfect for this last day. As always, it’s instructive to see how you framed the pathways and “painted” them, pictures formed by a photographer’s experienced eyes looking at scenes I too know well (and may view somewhat differently). What I did enjoy about your selectivity was how elegant, how expansive, and how very appealing those walkways in Spokane appear in your Smilebox. Thanks for the poetic walk. c/s Carolyn Stephens

    How timely! It’s stressful finals time and this was a beautiful way to start the day. Great shots. Nice watercolor effects, Bob. Down the Paths…especially looked like a w/c along with Bob and Jay’s Walk and Down Manito Park’s Roads. I love your use of b/v + shadows that played through the trees and across the ground. Favorites include Tree Lined Neighborhood and down Manito ?. and Past Japanese Gardens.
    Jeanette Kirishian

    Bob, That was a perfect 70th birthday present for Ron. We are working in Las Vegas and those beautiful photos reminded us of home. Hope to see you in June.
    Ron & Marsha Feller

    Very nice! I am a walker as well.
    Djuana Stoakley

    wow. very beautiful. thanks Jer
    Dr. B

  2. Here are some comments posted at SmileBox.

    I Love this This is beautiful…
    Alecia Velma Carter

    The photographs are so relaxing and make life seem so much more pleasant! And it can be if we just let out the good in all of us! The one of viewing the pedestrians reminds me of postcards we used to see when I was a child, and places like America and Europe were but just another place for “those people”! I am thankful that today you are all a part of my life, and I can now say it is a photograph of my neighbors! God Bless the work of your hands Mr. Lloyd.
    Nicholas Sironka

    Oh and one more thing…What a wonderful Blessing it is to preserve Nature as it is meant to be!
    Nicholas Sironka

    Your Wallk with Jay brings peace to the heart and soul. Thank you.
    Paul Smith

    It was a “dog walker” morning. Fine company with many photographic moments.

    Great stuff Bob. Keep walking.
    Robert Williamson


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