Attendees at Clinton & Sanders Spokane March 2016 Campaign Speeches

See the April 2016 issue of the Black Lens News for an analysis of the Bernie Sanders and Bill Clinton rallies.

These are the people who made the train.

African Americans were not there in numbers anywhere near their proportion of the population. African Americans are 1.9% of the population of Spokane County. A total of 15,420 people attended the Sanders rallies. Proportional to the population there would have been nearly 300 Black people there. 650 people attended Bill Clinton’s speech for Hillary. 1.9% would be 12 African Americans. I tried to photograph every African American at the Clinton and Sanders rallies. I saw less than 30 total, and 3 of those were Secret Service. I think that there is much room for outreach in Spokane’s Democratic circles. Now I admit I did not see every Black person who was there, but if you know of any that attended send the African American Voice their names.

Photos and Comments by Robert J. Lloyd

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One thought on “Attendees at Clinton & Sanders Spokane March 2016 Campaign Speeches

  1. I voted for Bernie let me tell you what I really would like to see happen I’d like Hillary to be the president Bernie to be vice president and as vice president I’d like to see him build a political and cultural army from with in the White House and I’d like him to keep the moral high ground and build a kind of organization that he talks about. I’d like to see Colin Powell as Secretary of State. I’d like to see Obama as UN ambassador and Elizabeth Warren as speaker of the house.


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