NAACP Campaign to Protect Our Right to Vote

What an empowering day
Yesterday tens of thousands of people rallied at our Stand for Freedom mobilization in New York City to stand up against the forces trying block the right to vote for millions.
It was a powerful way to kick off our campaign to protect our right to vote.
At the rally, I spoke before a massive crowd of people ready to stand up and fight for their rights as American citizens. Take a minute now to watch this video of the event.

There in Dag Hammarskjold Plaza—in the shadow of the United Nations— we heard about the stark realities facing millions of Americans. Dr. Brenda Williams spoke of how she spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars helping her patients combat the barriers to obtaining state-issued ID in South Carolina. Anthony Papa talked about how it felt to learn that he would be ineligible to vote under laws that target the formerly incarcerated. One by one the speakers painted a picture of a shrinking pool of Americans who will be able to vote in the years ahead.

If we don’t take action to stop this, no one will.

In moments like these, the NAACP has always risen to the challenge, winning and preserving the rights we enjoy. Today those rights are in danger again. In 38 states and counting, strict new voter ID laws, restrictions on early voting and Sunday voting, and racially motivated bans on ex-felons have either been passed or proposed.
December 10 was International Human Rights Day. There is no better moment to recommit ourselves to the work of those who came before us. It’s our turn to work to preserve civil rights for our children and for all future generations.
Watch the video from our Stand For Freedom Rally in New York City, and join our fight for voting rights today:

Our successful rally in New York City was just the beginning. I look forward to standing for freedom with you in 2012 and beyond.

Yours in the struggle,


Benjamin Todd Jealous
President & CEO

3 thoughts on “NAACP Campaign to Protect Our Right to Vote

  1. It is tragic that the NAACP has now equated being black with being homosexual in terms of civil rights. Homosexuality is a sin and an abomination to God. This organization and many others will be held responsible to God for supporting Abortion, Homosexuality, etc, through the political process and so will all the “Pastors” who have supported them. Stop trying to justify this sin by saying you can’t legislate morality. That is ridiculous. Most legislation is morality based. Murder, rape, child abuse, etc. I fear for you on judgment day for putting evil leaders into office.

    • 1) What scientific proof do you have that people are born or not born gay?
      2) Is the human sexual drive innate, or by choice?
      3) Leviticus 25 of the Bible approves of the buying and selling of kids. Does that mean its not a sin?

  2. TO:
    Benjamin Todd Jealous
    President & CEO


    Hello Sir:

    Similarly, this is particularly true in my case with PD and I have been seeking your (NAACP) for more than NINE months and have been basically ignored by your staff. It hurts when one NEEDS help, (I mean really NEEDS SERIOUS HELP – knowing I cannot afford the legal fees), and it seems you are own your own. I hurts badly.

    Dr. Ike Nwede


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