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We Encourage You To “Get Involved”!

As a result to organize the July 2011 Spokane Black Agenda Summit it was decided to assemble the Black community and identify the most important issues that effect us today. The Summit empowered the community to voice their concerns collectively in many different workshops.

This newsletter is the result of someone(s) voice expressing the fact that even though we have the greatest ideas or the best intentions; if no one knows about it you cannot be successful. Additionally, we understand that communication is imperative when dealing in our personal or professional lives and by embracing this fundamental value it allows the exchange of innovative ideas, concerns and improvements. The desire is to continuously utilize this newsletter as a tool at our disposal to motivate, inform and update the community on the Black Agenda progress as we move forward.

The standing committees that we will maintain and consistently focus on are: Education, Communication, Social Services, Legal Services, Economic Development (jobs) and Politics. Please stay tuned of any future updates on the committee’s development.

Written by Darick Wilkins

Black Agenda Steering Committee

There are 6 committees that were established at the Black Agenda Summit. The Spokane NAACP has taken an active role to support the newly formed Black Agenda Group. Any concerned citizen can be involved in this group. This group will receive regular updates on the progress of the committees. The committees will obtain support and guidance from a newly formed Black Agenda Steering Committee that includes the chairpersons from each committee and 4 additional supporters.

  • Education
  • Politics
  • Communication
  • Social Services
  • Legal Services
  • Economic Development (Jobs)

Please Contact Us @ Spkblag2011@gmail.com

“Whatever we believe about ourselves and our ability comes true for us.”
Susan L. Taylor

Education Chairperson Roberta Wilburn: This committee has identified that there is an achievement gap in our community and their goal is: To engage the community in a discussion about how we can establish and maintain good relationships/programs with more parent involvement. Develop strategies and recommendations for addressing these issue
Politics Chairperson James Wilburn: This committee will design a plan that is pro-active instead of reactive. They will address local issues that will influence change on the state and federal level.



Communication Chairperson

Vacant This committee will address the role and use of the media to compile and disseminate the information received by the other committees. The communication committee will be responsible to educate the community on important issues and how they are addressed. We are in need of a chairperson for this committee. If this is an area of interest please contact us @ Spkblag2011@gmail.com

Social Services Chairperson

Cheryl Anderson: The mission for Social Service is to be a resource gateway to the community by providing a web-based resource directory for Elder Care, Health Care, Senior Home Repair Assistance, Legal Assistance, Veteran’s Affairs and Youth Programs. The targeted areas are: fraud prevention, health care and legal assistance. We will ensure that adequate services are accessible to the community


Legal Services

Adrienne Thommes The Legal Service Committee identified numerous issues that we established as an acute relevant to the Spokane Black Community. The first issue was that we suffer from numerous injustices perpetrated by the Spokane police department, by which severe ramifications have trickled down into our penal institution and judiciary. At present we are concerned that the local municipality appears to support constructing more jails, especially because they are being privatized -for profit. Next, we must focus on the effort toward reclaiming rights under our expungement and reclamation statutes. Finally, facilitate access to justice, even when there are possibilities of representation in law. Those possibilities go unnoticed and unrealized without proper and effective avenues identified. The committee will prioritize all these issues and create a plan to address accordingly.

Economic Development Ivan Bush This committee will cover a range of areas. However, the main objective that is concerning many of our people in the community today is jobs. Economic development is an important part of strengthening communities by creating and retaining jobs. This committee will work on providing support, resources and offering helpful information to help the citizens in the community to gain and retain jobs.


A Message From The Spokane NAACP President

The NAACP will continue to work on issues that negatively impact our community and I am dedicated to see our Black Agenda plan through. The NAACP will continue to work collectively with our concerned community citizens to create a Black Agenda that has a comprehensive plan. Moreover, I am dedicated to making Spokane a better place for all of us to live.

I encourage all of you to get involved and participate in any way that you can. Your involvement is critical to the success of the Black Agenda. Your skills, expertise and ideas are needed in order to complete and implement a plan that will be

I encourage all of you to get involved and participate in any way that you can. Your involvement is critical to the success of the Black Agenda. Your skills, expertise and ideas are needed in order to complete and implement a plan that will be effective for many years.

Please get involve and have a voice, we want to hear your innovative ideas and be part of your enthusiastic spirit.

Thank you for your support and please stay engaged!

V. Anne Smith
Spokane NAACP President

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