Spokane Black Agenda Summit July 30, 2011

Breakout group on communication and culture

Communication and Culture Breakout Group Report

Facilitators: Robert Lloyd & Sharon Cowan
Recorder:  Diane Lloyd

Attending: LeSean Grant, Alan Jones, Dean Ellerbusch, Wallace Williams, Adrian Williams, Sharon Cowan,Patricia Bayonne-Johnson, Darick Wilkins, Maxine Paschall, Jeff Mooring, Rose Crawford, Brent Cornelius, Ezra Kinlow, Alice Moore, Berder Jones, Evelyn Anderton, Robert C. Williamson, Jr., Sandy Williams, Tanisha Taylor, Robert Lloyd, Diane Lloyd

Drop-in visitors: Mayor Mary Vernor, City of Spokane; Pam Morrison, Washington State Commission on African American Affairs
This group discussed the questions where do we get Black culture today, how we can better communicate with our community and disseminate our culture.


To establish what communications exist and create those forms of media that do not exist.


  1. Keep the community informed
  2. Create a Resource Directory & Calendar of Events
  3. Outreach
  4. Education
  5. Establish a sense of community
  6. Survey the community and receive timely feedback in order to facilitate further actions and plans.


  1. Listserv – get us connected
  2. Visibility – attend events and get the word out
  3. Increase awareness – target parents of children, young people, everyone
  4. Create a web-based presence, portal
  5. Use all forms of media
    1. Online forms
    2. Visual media
    3. Community Minded TV
    4. Radio
    5. E-mail
    6. Print media: Newsletter distributed to the churches & community centers and other public venues
  6. Feedback survey – as we get our communication vehicles going, survey readers and viewers about what we are doing.
    1. Google analytics (Brent)
    2. Website surveys
    3. Newsletter via email & print
    4. Provide online response and collaboration
  7. Provide a face to face event
  8. Create a Resource Directory & Calendar of Events

Communications & Culture Teams:
Resource Directory
Sharon Cowan, Bob Lloyd, Alan Jones
Web Based Communications
Brent Cornelius, Tanisha Taylor, Michael Bethley (suggested), Bob Lloyd
Visual Media & Performing Arts (Television, video, theater etc.)
Jeff Mooring, Rose Crawford, David Casteal, Bob Lloyd
Bob Lloyd, Pat Bayonne Johnson
Face-Face Community Event
Wallace Williams, Rose Crawford, Alice Moore, Bob Lloyd

Next Meeting of Communication and Culture Breakout Group
Saturday September 10, 2011  10 am – 12 noon
Location to be announced


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