African-Americans, Hispanics, Asians

and Native Americans


The mission of AHANA is to improve the economic status and enhance the quality of life of the AHANA communities through the development of business and employment opportunities.

Goals and Objectives

AHANA was created to:

  • Assist AHANA businesses and professionals to succeed, build the economic base of our communities and contribute to the economic and cultural development of Spokane.
  • To foster cooperation and communication among AHANA businesses and to cultivate partnerships with mainstream businesses, government and organizations.
  • To improve business conditions for AHANA businesses, professionals and organizations through advocacy for inclusion in the public and private markets for goods and services.

We will accomplish these initiatives through our Five-Point Program:

  1. Provide members with assistance in accessing working capital for start-ups, business retention and expansion.
  2. Assist members in business counseling, training, educating and accessing information and resources.
  3. Assist members with marketing and by creating awareness of AHANA’s business presence in the Inland Northwest.
  4. Assist members with networking opportunities and by developing partnerships with government, organizations and the business community.
  5. Promote workforce diversity to expand employment opportunities for AHANA professionals.

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