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  1. I am giving great thought to relocating to Spokane this summer with my family.
    I have been reading about the resurgence of the “Skinheads” and other hatred groups in Spokane and Idaho. I am excited about the thought of moving yet I want to feel free and not have to constantly look over my shoulder or face hatred and hostility every where I and my family go.

    I am from grew up in California and or course racism is every where, but the eastern part of this state and Idaho are know for having heavy concentration of White Supremacist groups.

    Are there areas in Spokane were more Black people live, if so where, because I don’t want to be too far out.

    Please let me know, as I really want to move to Spokane but I want to know what I and my family will face.

    Thank you.


    • I think skinheads and White Supremacists are few and far between in Spokane, Coeur d’Alene Idaho and the surrounding area. But when they do act they get a lot of press. I think that most whites know so few African Americans that African Americans and their concerns are not on their radar. I think the major problem in Spokane is apathy and ignorance. I think there is no such thing as an African American community in Spokane. The building of the I90 freeway and open housing has scattered African Americans throughout the area. Probably the only place that you would see African Americans in any number would be in the Black churches where you might find a minority of white participation. One of the purposes of this virtual newspaper is to build a virtual community for African Americans where we can share our ideas and experiences.


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