Lawrence Burnley

Whitworth University

Asst VP, Intercultural Relations
Assistant Professor of History   Education: Ph.D., University of Pennyslvania, M.Div., Christian Theological Seminary B.A., University of Cincinnati. Year Joined Whitworth Faculty:  2010
Areas of Specialization / Expertise: History of American education: African American education during the antebellum, reconstruction and progressive eras; multicultural issues in education; African and African American church history, church administration, and pastoral care

Publications include: wrote “The Souls of W. E. B. Du Bois: New Essays and Reflections,” in the Journal of African American History, vol. 96, no. 1, (Winter 2011); co-wrote, A Global History of the Stone-Campbell Movement (tentative title), (forthcoming Fall 2012, Chalice Press); author of The Cost of Unity: African American Agency and Education in the Christian Church, 1865-1914 (2009, Mercer University Press); wrote “Authentic Forgiveness: The Key to Reconciliation” in The Bridge, Vol. 99, No. 2 (Fall 2007); wrote “Internalized Racism” in Global Education and Advocacy Resources (June 1998); wrote “What Are You Expecting for Christmas,” in Out of Mighty Waters: Sermons by African-American Disciples (1994, Chalice Press); wrote “Reclaiming ‘Our’ Church” in Real News, Vol. 4, No. 1 (1993); wrote “The Changing Career Tracks of Elite Disciples Professionals: Working Group Response” in A Case Study of Mainstream Protestantism (1991, Chalice Press).

Presentations include: presented keynote speech, “The Global Classroom Curriculum: Missing Voices, Missing Stories, and the Impact on ‘Educated’ Minds and Hearts,” at the International Education Week forum sponsored by Whitworth University and Mukogawa Women’s University, Spokane (2010); presented “The Necessity to Remember and Forgive in the Process of Racial Reconciliation,” at the NAACP Demand Justice and Promote Peace March, Spokane (2011); presented keynote speech, “Learning to Love One’s Self: The Relevance of the Study of Black History to the Gospel of Jesus the Christ,” at the Black History Month Banquet, Gonzaga University (2010); presenter/panelist, “Democracy for Whom?: Lincoln, Ontology, and a Distorted Vision of Democracy,” at Messiah College, Penn. (2009); guest lecturer, “African American Agency and Education,” at the Center for the Humanities Spring Symposium Faculty Lecture Series “Faith in the Public Square,” Messiah College (2009): keynote speech, “African-Centered Education: Towards the Deconstruction of a Pedagogy of Domination and the Construction of a Pedagogy of Liberation,” at the African American Child Symposium, Detroit (2007); guest lecturer, “Black Presence in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), 1832-1917,” for the African American Institute of Faith and Life Workshop, National Convocation of the Christian Church, Detroit (2006).

Received Witness for Justice Award from the National Office of the United Church of Christ (2005); received the Outstanding Community Service Award from the African American Association (1993).

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