Priscilla Barnett Artist/Teacher

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Priscilla was born in Barbados in the West Indies.  At fifteen, she moved to New York where she later attended the Parsons New York School for Art and Design.  She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.  Priscilla went on to teach children of different grades, and has taught in New York, Alaska, and Washington; culminating over 25 years of teaching experience to date.  She currently lives in Spokane, Washington with her daughter Aisha, and was the previous Arts Director for Discovery School.

Priscilla’s work has been shown in New York, Alaska and Washington.  Her work includes media such as acrylics, oil pastels, embroidery, collage, yarn, fabric, tissue paper, handmade paper, and plaster.  Recently, she incorporated recycled materials into her pieces that include vintage accessories like buttons, keys, boxes, precious stones, and other exciting found objects.  Her work is deep with emotion and illusions that evoke the imagination.

“I want my art to touch others and become a friend in their home.  Art has a story to tell and we need to be open to tell as well as listen to them. Art gives us a voice to express that which dwells in all of us, just waiting to be released.  Art heals the human heart.”


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