100 Coffee Discussion Groups

Form a Coffee Discussion Group

We have all been to many meetings and rallies at the end of which no one knows what they can do.  If you participate in or are interested in social justice you may want to form one of our 100 Coffee Discussion Groups of five to ten individuals to discuss what you can do about racial and social justice and community development. We want to build 100 independent discussion groups. Be sure to invite someone from affected classes.

To Form a Group:

Invite 5-10 people committed to meeting regularly for deep discussion who are:

  • Interested in racial and social justice
  • Interested in community development
  • Committed to the 14 Principles (click to see)
  • Willing to meet regularly to plan strategies and take actions
  • Be sure to include people from the affected classes*
  • When a group’s over 10 it would be a good idea for someone to start a new group.We want groups to be small enough so that people can join in and out of conversation and get to know each other. The goal is not to form an organization.

Choose a location, preferably a public place where the conversation can be overheard and spread, for example coffee shops.

End each meeting with an action step.

Choose someone from the group who will post action steps, strategies, contact information and notices from your meetings in the LEAVE A COMMENT box at the bottom of this page so we can share ideas and support the actions of others. Follow us on 4comculture.com.

*affected classes: a group adversely affected by a systemic issue, as defined by legislation, litigation, or prevailing practice.


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