Stop HATE and Support JUSTICE

For those involved/interested in the Hate Crime against Mr. Norris Cooley and arraignment of Cooper and Pritchard

Several of us sent a card of support to Mr. Cooley after the October 11 hate crime. It seemed so small, but was at least something we could do. I kept thinking about what else could be done regarding the ever increasing hate crimes in Spokane (see some sobering statistics here). Seems these happen so often, we get all worked up, and yet still feel helpless.

Well, here is another idea! I teamed up with Randi Madison from Ammonite Ink who is a former EWU student of mine. Randi and I with the support of First Thursday Coffee Discussion Groups, came up with a design and some ideas to make December a month of love, not hate. ALL profits will go to the Center for Justice in Spokane.

Ammonite Ink is selling yard signs and stands (printed front AND back), 5″ window clings, buttons, long and short sleeve, youth and toddler t-shirts (with graphic on front and “Stand Together For Justice” on back). There is even a special deal for a t-shirt and sign SUPER CHEAP. These are organic fair trade jersey cotton t-shirts.

Scroll through the products, click on each of them, read about the crime which provoked this idea, then order lots of Christmas gifts! All orders taken between Nov.14 – Nov. 30 will be available for pickup or will ship no later than Monday Dec. 4th. Pick up will be at the Center for Justice, located on the third floor at 35 W. Main the week of Dec. 4, 2017. Pick up time is from 9 am to 4 pm. Orders placed between Dec. 1-15th will be filled and shipped on Saturday Dec. 16th but with not guarantee of arrival before Christmas.

Not a single person is making any money on this. Try to order by November 25 so you can display your REAL feelings in signs, buttons, and shirts during the month of December (and longer!). Perhaps you might even join us when the trial for the white supremacists begins on December 18.

Let’s Stand Together for Justice.

Wouldn’t it be great to see photos of WHOLE families gathered together with these “shirt statements” and yard signs posted on Facebook or on their Christmas Cards for the holidays? THANKS for reading! Please feel free to pass this message on to your own friends/family.

Most sincerely,

BARB BROCK, member, First Thursday Coffee Discussion


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