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Ladies!! We Are Marching Lets Complete Our Revolution Nonviolently With The Ballot

Significance of the March

The march became a rallying point through the next stages of the Revolution. Lafayette eventually attempted to leave France, as many thought he’d been too soft on the royal family. He was imprisoned and only released by Napoleon in 1797. Maillard remained a hero, but he died in 1794 at age 31.

The marchers’ success in forcing the king to move to Paris and support the reforms was a major turning point in the French Revolution. Their invasion of the palace removed all doubt that the monarchy was subject to the will of the people, and was a major defeat for France’s Ancien Régime of heredity monarchy. The women who initiated the march were heroines, called “Mothers of the Nation.”

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Paula Gordon and Bill Russell Conversations with People from the Leading Edge

Isabel Wilkerson, the author of the recently released book “Caste” in a 2010 interview.

Isabel Wilkerson has told the very human story of the Great Migration from the Jim Crow South through the lives of three people who made the journey.

• Conversation 1—Jim Crow separated people by race and also by geography and experience. America is still paying a fierce price for those separations.

Conversation with Ms. Wilkerson continues


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