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Clip from Ray Anderson The Paula Gordon Show Nov. 24 2009

A True Radical, a Great Man

Paula Gordon, Huffington Post

08/13/2011 04:24 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Green is good for business. Not greenwash, GREEN. By working with nature rather than despoiling nature, Ray Anderson has led his company to high levels of success and profitability.

Ray Anderson died this week, of cancer. And the cancer is not incidental to this story. Ray was a friend and an inspiration. A lot of people talk about the environment. Ray did something. A lot of people say that we have to choose between a livable environment and a prosperous economy. Ray showed them that they were wrong, and he did it in an industry which is one of the most toxic around. Though it is impossible to know with absolute certainty precisely what causes a cancer, Ray spent much of his early career in the old-fashioned carpet industry … one which used (and still uses) bioactive, petroleum-based chemicals to manufacture the carpets. There’s a very good chance that long-term exposure to those chemicals caused the cancer that killed Ray.


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