Many Celebrated Vickie Countryman’s Life and Her 50th Birthday

Monday March 12,  Sandy Williams threw a birthday party for Vickie Countryman, who passed away on January 18, 2012. Numerous former colleagues, friends, social services folks  and community activists testified to Vickie’s impact on their lives, their work, and the Spokane community. Diverse music from Native Americans, a Hmong musician and an African American vocalist was performed.

One thought on “Many Celebrated Vickie Countryman’s Life and Her 50th Birthday

  1. WOW…Vicki Countryman would have joined us in the 50 Club had she remained here. Well she crossed, but what a wonderful presentation in celebration of her life Sandy put together Monday 12th day of March. I did not know what the “Celebration of Life” was to be about and did not even know when I called to RSVP who the Sandy was I spoke to. What a surprise to see Sandy, Ms. Willimenia and Pastor Happy along with many other people and a beautiful picture of Vicki Countryman set on the magnificient memorial display table. I had seen Vicki @ community events and knew her pretty face, but do not remember speaking or connecting with her. I met Vicki through all present and say thank you for letting me know how wonderfully she touched and enhanced your lives by her being. Being for real, being genuiwne, being giving and being who GOD allowed her to be born to be. She from what I can see would be very pleased with the Celebration of Life, her life party held. We must all strive to live a life that matters and makes our community a good place to live in…


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