A Mother’s Love: Nothing Is Greater


Delali Dogbe

For some today is Mothers Day. For some today is graduation. For Delali Dogbe it is Mothers Day. For her son Kelvin Garner it is his graduation from Whitworth College. They celebrated this day together at the North Central Care Center.

Do you remember the Whitworth freshman from Ghana whose story appeared in the March 1, 2011 issue of the Whitworthian? Since June 6, 2009 Kelvin has been semi-comatose. His mother, who left Ghana immediately when she heard of his accident, has been by his side for nearly three years.

We will be continuing Kelvin’s story later this week. Watch for future posts.

Receiving Honorary Alumnus Certificate

One thought on “A Mother’s Love: Nothing Is Greater

  1. Nothing Greater than a Mother’s Love…. That visible and invisible umbilical chord nurtures the life force to our children… there is no greater connection….Beautiful story…


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