2017 Homeless Count

Homelessness is a national issue. This photo was taken in Washington DC September 2017.

This point-in-time count is a snapshot of people who are homeless in Spokane, counted by local teams on one night in January, a statistic that is limited by a variety of factors and not considered the complete picture. Because more homeless people were in shelters, and fewer were outside in hard-to-find places, it was easier to get a count, according to McCann and city officials. That might apply particularly to the chronically homeless, who are more likely to use emergency shelters.
In particular, the city’s super-tight rental market – with an estimated vacancy rate of 0.7 percent – makes it very hard for people to find affordable housing and pushes the homeless numbers upward. Nearly 500 people are qualified for federal housing vouchers but can’t find a place to use them in town, said Dawn Kinder, the director of the city’s Community, Housing and Human Services Department.
This year’s count showed:
1,090 homeless individuals, an 11 percent increase over last year. Eighty-seven percent of all people counted were in shelters. Around three-quarters of those were in emergency shelters, and one quarter were in transitional housing.

We Welcome A New Team With New Visions

The Alliance For Media Arts + Culture *


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*The National Alliance for Media Arts + Culture has moved to Spokane.


* Strengthen the influence of media arts organizations, making them an integral part of their communities;
* Facilitate the support of independent media artists from all cultural communities and geographic regions;
* Integrate media into all levels of education and advocate for media literacy as an educational goal;
* Promote socially responsible uses of and individual access to current and future media technologies;
* Encourage media arts that are rooted in local communities, as well as those that are global in outlook.

Something You Can Do: Share At Dinner Tonight

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This is a needed conversation every night. What strategies can we use to protect our freedoms, families, healthcare, environment, air, schools, our vote, and to stop wars.


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How I Saw It by Bob Lloyd: Cathy McMorris Rodgers Town Hall

75% of the constituents waved red cards in disapproval of her answers. Others protested and carried signs outside.

Enjoying the photographs won’t bring change. If you are interested in change click the link:


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Cathy McMorris Rodgers Town Hall Video:


Maria Cantwell Town Hall Video:


Who Showed Up at Maria Cantwell’s Town Hall?


As you view photographs of activities here in Spokane on 4comculture.com you may notice that there are very few people of color or affected classes.

WHY?         Let us know in the Contacts / Comments form below.

Holding On ~ Letting Go

This play was great. I think that those who have relationships with senior loved ones, senior lovers, parents, grandparents or who know or care for someone who is terminally ill should see Harnietiaux’s latest play. David Casteal (Bobby) and Adell Whitehead (Lee) portray this couple working through a difficult time with empathy, humor and authenticity.

Let’s Commit Ourselves

Martin Luther King Day Celebration 2017

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OK, we had our celebration with speeches and the march.

Now Let’s Commit Ourselves

Since 2008 news and social media have done nothing but complain about what politicians did and did not do. If they have not accomplished goals and objectives it is no one’s fault but your own.  If you are not satisfied with the 2016 election I suggest that you step up and do something about it.

From the list below, choose the issue you feel needs action,  list the issue and the name of an organization that works on that issue in the comment box below and fill in your contact information. If you do not know of an organization, volunteer to start such an organization. I will pass your contact information on to the appropriated organization. Also I will collate the information everyone contributes and post the results at this site 4comculture.com. To stay aware of current posts at this site in the right hand side bar SUBSCRIBE to receive an email notifying you of new posts (a couple per week).

What Will You Commit To

Protest (Civic Disobedience, Non-violent direct action, Go to jail), Government service, Social justice, Political action, Political parties (Democratic, Republican, Independent, Progressive), Employment (Jobs and training), Housing, Healthy food production, Education (K12, College), Environment (Climate change etc.) Community organizing, Social justice, Community service, Social services, Health and safety, Drug abuse prevention, Community security, Reproductive rights, Hunger, Homelessness, Race relations, Human relations, Art and culture, International affairs, Belief systems (Humanism etc.).


Mandela was building the community that he wanted to live in –

Build the Community You Want to Live In

Eighteen Ugandans showed up on my doorstep needing a place to stay. Vince Lemus and his daughter said they would take half. Vince was there helping me to build the community we wanted to live in.  He was building that community at the Fairchild Air Force Base, the Spokane Human Rights Commission, Workforce Diversity, Spokane School District and the GLTB community.

Now I am asking you to help build the community we all want to live in. Take a few minutes to read this letter and to respond as you feel appropriate.

Hi Bob! As you may know, our granddaughter, Marleigh Elise (5 years old), is struggling and heartbreakingly, losing her 14 month long, fight against Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML). She is currently under Hospice care. My wife and I sat with Becca and Marleigh yesterday. Marleigh proudly showed us her “pain pump.” It delivers pain meds, intravenously, every three hours. As we sat there, we saw the deep seeded pain and anguish in our sweet daughter’s eyes and voice as the cancer slowly continues to consume her baby’s fragile body.
It’s always a horrendous challenge when a family member, especially a child, is sick; however, the emotional challenge is made tougher in the holiday season, knowing it is probably your last, together. Yes, a FB message is quick, convenient and appreciated. As random as it may seem, I am asking, if you have the time and inclination to do so, please mail a short letter, a card, postcard with a few words or something of that nature, to Becca, her husband Matt, and Marleigh. Please send some written words that reflect compassion, encouragement and or empathy in this difficult time. Your act of kindness definitely won’t make the pain go away; however, it will let them know their burden is lighter with your alms of prayer, chants, warm thoughts and understanding. Please let the time you take and words you write, be your gift to this family in this season.
Feel free to send this to friends and family members, even though they may not know Marleigh or her plight. We would like an outpouring of love and support for this family, this season. Until then, let the blessings be.
Vince and Teri Lemus
Address: Matt and Rebecca Erdahl 2518 W. Broad St. Spokane WA 99205

Spokane Helps the Development of the African Continent

Spokane  also has its share of those who are part of the African Diaspora, including Ugandans, Kenyans and South Africans. Quoting the article below “… many of her nationals went overseas to earn an education or seek greener pastures. Today, all these Ugandan sons and daughters are mockingly referred to as “Nkuba Kyeeyo”or Kyeyoists” crudely translated as “menial workers cleaning foreign streets for a living after leaving Uganda.” The author makes the point that this is not true. Some may have begun at such menial levels but many have taken advantage of every opportunity and become pharmacists, bankers, politicians, ambassadors, health administrators and media producers. They certainly are not “Nkuba Kyeeyo”!