No New Jail


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Here Is something you and others can do. Ask your friends to copy, fill out and send the form below to Spokane County Commissioners: 500 N Cedar St Spokane WA 99201

What We Did March 24 In Seattle

March For Our Lives Seattle WA


CROWNS by Regina Taylor

Taproot Theatre Company



How I See It: Hate starts and ends in your home

This weekend we will  be at your family reunion. They will be asked to sign this statement on family unity. What if you asked your families and Online friends to join the Stoakley’s we can change the world.

Christina Loved By So Many


How I Saw It: Juneteenth Spokane 2017

Black man shot in the back. Jury acquits shooter. SCAR rallies, marches and protests with libations.

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Marchers marched past East Central Community Center where a farewell and retirement dinner for Chuck and Evelyn Anderton occurred. Two celebrations Juneteenth. One struggled for emancipation. The other celebrated emancipation from the job and escape from Spokane’s plantation. Enjoy your Retirement!

On the eve of the Juneteenth march some of the Black religious community gave awards and had a catfish dinner.  Excess catfish was sold to marchers at the BBQ concluding the rally, march and protest.

Trump: “I could shoot somebody and not lose voters”

“Oh, I love the old days, you know? You know what I hate?

There’s a guy, totally disruptive, throwing punches, we’re not allowed to punch back anymore. I love the old days.”                                                                                          -Trump

Freedom is not free! Nor is the Freedom of Information. Bushnell trial  transcript will cost over $3600 just to find out what happened. Who will help our community newspaper The Black Lens News get a transcript copy?

No can speak for you but you. These are some of the people who showed up and spoke up.

The Sound Bites Now The Book

Hidden Figures: A Must See for Mothers and Daughters

5,000+ women marched in Spokane. How many will bring their children to see this story?

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The Nuns Who Saved ObamaCare

My friend Betty Jones, a 1960’s SCLC civil rights activist, sent me this link. The Parking Lot God was looking out for me. This message is so timely because yesterday I attended my second meeting of the Men’s Book Group. This is a group of retired Whitworth University (Presbyterian) faculty and friends. The topic of discussion was the Time Man of the Year article on Pope Francis. We were discussing the tension between church activists at a community level with that of the hierarchy. The meeting ended after a great discussion but there was a question mark. Now that the hierarchy has heard the voice of the people and has provided cover for progressive social justice activities, no one has an excuse for their lack of activism. Enjoy this story of Sister Simone Campbell, the nun who saved ObamaCare.

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