Black Agenda Pledge of Cooperation for Unity

Recent events splashed across the media and slogans parading are fading. During Black History Month is it possible to get a commitment from you on the principles stated in the preamble to action below? Send any comments you would like to make to .
Black Agenda Pledge of Cooperation for Unity
We are the Black Community. We honor, acknowledge and represent a great range of people. Racially, we are African Americans, _______, _________  and so much more. Our religions include a variety of denominations. Some of us are Agnostic. Some of us define ourselves as distinctly Non-Religious. Our Community members include heterosexuals, gays, lesbians, bi-sexuals, transgendered and the disabled. We work as social workers with children, young adults, mentally and physically disabled folk and  people with HIV+ status. We work in the military. We work in education on all levels. We are entrepreneurs in the arts, theater, music, photography, sales, services, food and hospitality, unions and __________.  Some of us don’t work. We are retired, students, unemployed or receiving public assistance. We hold a variety of political views. We represent a variety of income levels.  All this and more are represented in our Community. We are the Black Community, by birth, by marriage and by choice. We celebrate and accept our members in all our diversity and find strength in our acceptance of each other. May this acknowledgement of people in all our shapes and sizes spread from our Community throughout our nations, throughout the world.
By signing this pledge in support of the Black Agenda I understand that I will be there for other individuals and organizations and they will be there for me and my organization.
Signed _________________________________________Date ___/___/2015
If you agree with these principles type your name and the date in the CONTACT US form to the right.
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