Freedom Under Fire


November 7, 2015 the Spokane NAACP Freedom Fund Banquet “Freedom Under Fire” was held at the Northern Quest Resort & Casino. It was attended by over 300 guests. The speaker was HIlary O. Shelton, Director to the NAACP Washington Bureau. For more information about the event see the December issue of the Black Lens News.

A selection of the attendees were photographed. Look for your photo on the page 2015 Freedom Fund Banquet Photos. If I have taken your picture, help us raise funds for the Spokane NAACP Lieutenant Colonel Michael P. Anderson Scholarship Fund.  If you purchase a Fine Art Original print I will donate 20% of the purchase price to the Scholarship Fund .

I have taken what appear to be snapshots at the Freedom Fund Banquet and will transform them into works of art. You probably saw examples of my work on display at the banquet. To refresh your memory you can go to the page From Pictorial Snapshot to Fine Art where you can see selections of the fine art. For purchase options go to the page Your Photo Has Been Taken Turn It Into a Work of Art.


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