Mending Broken Bodies

By Juanita Prince
Sometimes as I drive along the east 90 freeway, I cast my eyes along the roadside, and there within my view I see a large wrecking yard full of cars, dilapidated, gutted and unusable, except to salvage a part, here and there.  Are we like the broken cars?  What can we do to mend our broken bodies?

America has some of the sickest people on earth:
-We don’t eat right
-We don’t think right
-We can’t sleep right
-We have little energy
-We are constantly plagued with allergies and diseases

Are we to be like Humpty Dumpty?
who sat on the wall and had a great fall
And all the king’s horses and all the king’s
men could not put him back together again?

But you have a chance, you have a choice, you can mend and be put back together again and hopefully without spare parts.

Many are inclined to believe, and take it for granted that in their elderly years they will die with cancer, Alzheimer’s, or heart disease, but that is not necessarily true.  Some feel that we are blueprinted by our DNA, marginally. A bit of that may be true, because we are bound to pick up bad nutritional habits that we can inherit from our parents or past generations. But with the broad range of information we are receiving from food science research, it is found that lifestyle is ‘huge’ for making changes.

Hippocrates was an ancient healer, and over the years his famous quote was used: “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.”  In his research he found that the body needs a certain environment to survive and be healthy. But beyond this, and other great researchers, we find that God in his creation, had an orginal plan,  a blueprint  that he put together for men’s health.

To mend a broken body is not a “quick fix”.  It took some time  for the body to get into the shape that it is in, therefore, with time and patience healing will occur.  The plan is how to fix it, and the steps that are needed to succeed.

*Men should learn how to subject their bodies to powerful nutrition, it’s an investment that they won’t  regret.


One thought on “Mending Broken Bodies

  1. In the creation of man, God designed that he should be active and useful. Yet many live in this world as useless machines, as though they hardly existed. They brighten the path of none, they are a blessing to none. They live only to burden others. So far as their influence on the side of right is concerned, they are ciphers.

    Those who acknowledge the creator should feel that a duty rests upon them to preserve their bodies in the best condition of health, that their their minds may be clear to comprehend, and controlled, for it has a moste powerful influence upon the health.


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