Spokane Studies Hate

Have you seen this bumper sticker in your community? Tell us what you know about it.

OCTOBER 19th – 21st, 2017

Hate studies is defined as “Inquiries into the human capacity to define, and then dehumanize or demonize, an ‘other,’ and the processes which inform and give expression to, or can curtail or combat, that capacity.”

Here’s something you can do. This conference is taking place here in Spokane this fall. Check out the breadth of topics and presenters.


Sponsored by the Gonzaga University Institute for Hate Studies, Kootenai County Task Force for Human Relations, and Spokane County Human Rights Task Force

Gonzaga University

OCTOBER 19th – 21st, 2017

After you go to the conference come to a First Thursday Coffee Discussion and talk with us about.


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