First Thursday Coffee Discussion Sept 7, 2017

We have all been to many rallies and meetings at the end of which no one knows what they can do.  If you participate in demonstrations, rallies and social media and you do not know any members of the affected classes you are concerned about, you need to go to your local coffee house and have a discussion with five to ten individuals. Be sure to invite someone from the affected classes.  Begin building the community you want to live in.

There are now three First Thursday Coffee and Discussion groups where we discuss current issues, culture and diversity.

  1. First Thursday Original Group 10:00 am Rocket Market 726 E 43rd
  2. First Thursday FORZA Coffee  10:00 am Lincoln Heights Shopping Center 29th & Regal Note from Tom: We will continue meeting every first Thursday, and will start each in the small back room, which can seat up to 7. If there is an over flow we will split into two discussion groups, with the second moving to tables in the front. Please buy their excellent coffee and pastries, telling them you are with the group. That way the cost goes toward paying any rent they rightly deserve, meaning free reserved tables.Thanks, Tom Schmidt.
  3. Community Catalyst monthly 10:00 am private homes email Susan Hales

Let us know when and where the group you have started will be meeting and we will help spread the word on what you will be doing.   Go to and enter your contact info and info about your meeting in the Contact Form at the bottom of the post.

Meeting Notes:

Community Catalysts

First Thursday Forza

Black & Native American Film Discussion List


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